Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo

LOVE this conversation between Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins. So glad I took the time to watch this today... really got me thinking and I felt some shifts happen just from hearing some of the things they talked about. (Oh, and tears galore, which is always awesome.) He is super inspiring - love his real and no bullshit way of speaking. One day I hope to get to one of his events...!! In the meantime, I will check out the documentary.  <3

New Obsession

Totally obsessed with this song called 'River' by Bishop Briggs.  She's super inspiring - love her music and vibe and her chokers and her as an artist, just from what I've seen and heard so far.  (3 songs maybe?).  Can't wait to hear more.  Been on repeat so many days over here.  So, I decided to learn it on uke and had a ton of fun with it.  Totally check her out if you get a chance!! 


© Copyright 2014 Kathryn Lucas. All images courtesy of Fred Merritt-Gambrill.  Live shots by auntyfraz.