Dad tells little Suzy, “You’re too fat to dance.”  These words impact little Suzy so much that they live in her thoughts, and she eventually believes them.  Her dream to be a dancer fades, and throughout her life, whenever given an opportunity to dance she chooses to turn it down, because of her belief that she is “too fat to dance”.  She probably won’t even question why she feels too fat to dance, because it becomes a belief, like “the sky is blue.”  Her actions lead her to experience life without dance, and she may be very unhappy.  She might also develop an eating disorder because she always believes she is too “fat to dance”.  This is just one example of how much of an impact words can make.  There is hope, however, that she will find a way to question her beliefs, work through them and become a dancer like she dreamed. Anything is possible!     

© Copyright 2014 Kathryn Lucas. All images courtesy of Fred Merritt-Gambrill.  Live shots by auntyfraz.