Day 2 Of Creativity Challenge

Yesterday was Day 2, I just didn't have my computer so I'm posting this today!

Here is Day 2 of the Creativity Challenge. This is going so great! I've had requests to put some of my art up for sale as well (so cool!) so I will definitely be figuring all of that out as soon as I can. If you have any requests for things you would like me to paint or draw please feel free to message or comment here!! 

I brought my Oil pastels and black paper with me to the studio today so I wouldn't have an excuse not to create today!! I love the black paper - I heard once it's a different experience because you're pulling the light out of the darkness. Love that idea.  <3 Drawing and working on tunes...what an amazing evening. I am very lucky. 

Btw, the oil pastels and this black paper are two of many wonderful art supply gifts from Fred Merritt-Gambrill which made my heart swell with joy and me cry a whole bunch because it meant someone believed that I deserved to paint and draw because I absolutely love to. 

What did u guys get up to today? 

Xxx with love and creativity, 



© Copyright 2014 Kathryn Lucas. All images courtesy of Fred Merritt-Gambrill.  Live shots by auntyfraz.