War of Art

War of Art

Tomorrow I will face my fears

Open wide
Meet my Muse
No longer afraid of war
Means I love, means I care

I will craft out time for my Muse to make an appearance 
Savour it, respect it, and love it 
I will not look at yesterday's thoughts and feelings 
I will not delve into the future
All I have is now
All I am is now

Chains come off
Walls come down
I am naked and vulnerable 
But I know I have strength 
Armour that shines bright

I am ready to face my foes
Ready to kill the dragon 
Created in my own mind
Plummet off the edge
Let the Universe catch me 
Live each day doing my work 

I have the strength and power to chisel away at my life
I must be open to receive
Be a clear vessel for divinity to pass through 
Give eternity something to fall head over heels for

It is my duty
It is my honour
It is my peace

I am only one but I will change the world
I am only one but I will change the world 



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© Copyright 2014 Kathryn Lucas. All images courtesy of Fred Merritt-Gambrill.  Live shots by auntyfraz.